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Steel Drums!

Just the sound of them picks you up and takes you on vacation... and the Toucans will get you there first class!

Come along & enjoy the bright sunny sound of Seattle's Favorite Steel Drum Band.  Our Tropical Northwest beat is guaranteed to get your body moving and your spirit soaring!

We've played thousands of Toucan Shows for hundreds of thousands of Toucan Fans, and recorded plenty of great Toucans Music, too.

The Toucans are a great choice for public & corporate events, private parties, weddings, BBQ's, school shows, or any other event that needs some fun & lively music!

During the Spring & Summer, you can often find The Toucans performing live all around the Pacific Northwest.  And if you're searching for great steel drum music, take a look at our brand new album, or download a barrel-load of our songs from the iTunes Music Store!

Spring is here in the Tropical Northwest!

The Toucans are tuning up their instruments and getting ready to fly around our Tropical Northwest as the playing season approaches.

While you're waiting, check out our new album 'Toucans Play Reggae' and more great Toucans music by clicking on any of our many albums to your right, or on the iTunes or Bandcamp buttons to your left.

Remember, the Toucans are a great choice for school events, too! - drop us a line and bring the bright sunny sound of the Toucans to your school this Fall!

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