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The Toucans play up to 100 shows each year, mostly during Spring & Summer.  We wing around the area performing for schools, BBQ's, weddings, outdoor concerts, and many other fun events!

Our playing schedule is updated beginning in late Spring when the nice weather arrives.  We'll list public appearances here so you can find the next Toucans show in your neighborhood!

Please contact us if you'd like to have the Toucans perform at your next event.  We're a great addition to just about any occasion! (Booking Info)

  • Not-For-Real Winter Schedule :)

  • Greater Eastside Intramural Janitor's Dance

    Everett Fun Center (Utility Closet)

    April 1st, 7-7:30 pm

  • Doggie Dude Ranch Grand Opening

    Bothell/Everett Highway

    April 2nd, 12-2 pm

  • Wedding At 50 Fathoms

    Octopus's Garden, Pier 66

    April 3rd, 5:15-5:16 pm

  • Festival In A Box

    Over There, By The Wastebasket

    April 4th, 8-11 am

  • UW Sleep-Deprivation Research Mixer

    Deep Under Red Square

    April 5th, 4 am - Midnight

  • Western Idaho Noodle-Off

    Eastern Idaho Fairgrounds

    April 6th, 5-9 pm

  • The Very Quiet Picnic

    Sea-Tac Airport Runway Park

    April 7th, 12-1:43 pm

  • Seattle Public Library Overdue Book Festival

    Library Loading Dock, Madison Street Entrance

    April 8th, All Day

  • Antarctic Science Station Caribbean Ice Night

    McMurdo Station Greenhouse

    April 9th, 6-10 pm

  • Canadian Table Soccer Foos-Down & Roast

    Blaine Peace Arch Rumpus Room

    April 10th, 9-11 am

See You This Summer!