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About The Band

Twocans Playing

The Toucans are an all-acoustic steel drum band, with 3 pan players and a drummer. Our bright sunny sounds are sure to get your body moving and your spirit soaring!

We enjoy playing all kinds of music, and we've made lots of great albums, ranging from traditional music of the Caribbean to popular favorites of today (and tomorrow).

If you've never heard steel drum music before, or if you'd like to hear how the Toucans play it, please visit our listening page!  You'll find a panload of free mp3's and some more info about the music of the Toucans. (Listen Here)

If you are looking for the perfect soundtrack to your next beach party, summer picnic or tropical cruise, grab some Toucans music to take with you! (How To Buy)

Like any working band, the Toucans have prepared a Demo CD for anyone who would like a more carefully presented overview of our music.  We've chosen seven song clips which we think best represent the band; check them out on our Demo CD page! (Demo CD)

The Toucans perform live all over the Puget Sound region every Spring & Summer here in the Tropical Northwest.  Check our Public Performance Schedule Page to find out where! (Playing Schedule)

With several sound engineers in the band, the Toucans have always recorded our own music, and we've tried lots of tricks to get the pans sounding just right!  If you are interested in some behind-the-scenes audio tech, please visit our Recording page. (Toucans Recording)

Several members of the Toucans have also made some side-voyages into the world of traditional Irish music, and we brought our steel drums with us.  Find out more about the Toucan Pirates and their scurvy tunes.  Arrrr! (Toucan Pirates)

Stay Tuned Tou The 'Cans!