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Updated November 2023

Our Music

Twocans Playing

The bright sunny sounds of the Toucans can be heard all over the Tropical Northwest!

The Toucans produce an amazing array of melodies with our tuned steel drums, tasty percussion and a small drum kit.  We strive to make our music absolutely perfect for your wedding, party, picnic or gathering.

We can play more quietly with a gentle tropical feel for your reception or a cocktail party, or we can kick up the groove for your outdoor concert, company BBQ or a family picnic in the park!  The Toucans are great at playing exactly the right kind of music for every event.

Check out our Demo CD for a choice selection of Toucans music, sample audio clips from any of our albums in the right-hand column, or enjoy some more adventurous Toucans music on our Listening Page.

"From the moment the band started to play, I knew everyone was going to have a great time!"
  ~ Elisabeth Hebrant, Cater Arts, Events Manager

Toucans Playlist

The Toucans perform a wide variety of music, from lively calypso grooves to swingy latin numbers and more!  Here is a sample of our playlist, to give you an idea of the kind of music we like to play:

  • Caribbean
  • The Hammer
    David Rudder
  • Steelband Music
    Lord Kitchener
  • No Woman No Cry
    Bob Marley
  • Jean & Dinah
    Mighty Sparrow
  • The Harder They Come
    Jimmy Cliff
  • Yellow Bird
    Lord Burgess
  • Latin
  • Brazil
    Ary Barroso
  • Jump In The Line
    Harry Belafonte
  • Lisbon Antigua
    Rafael Hernandez
  • Poinciana
    Nat Simon
  • Tico Tico
    Zequina Abreu
  • My Shawl
    Xavier Cugat
  • Popular
  • Cantina Band
    John Williams
  • Brown-Eyed Girl
    Van Morrison
  • Copacabana
    Barry Manilow
  • Here Comes The Sun
    The Beatles
  • Can't Hurry Love
    The Supremes
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    The Tokens

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