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2018 Photo Gallery

The Toucans travel throughout the Tropical Northwest all Spring & Summer long; come along with us on our Super Summer Adventure!

Join our barrel-banging band as we wing our way through another season of Steel Drum Madness.  We'll bring our music to all corners of this great region, and have a lot of fun along the way.

(Check out photo galleries from previous years!)

Click on any photo below to see a larger version, or hover to just see the comments.  In the popup window, you can use the arrow keys or your scroll wheel to move between photos.

  • Dance Party
  • Tuning Time
  • Swanky Studio
  • Bass Action
  • Cool Kids
  • Drum Sounds
  • Cymbal Test
  • Van Prep
  • Green Fields
  • Show Signage
  • Lead Pan
  • Van Approach
  • Marina View
  • School Setup
  • Medic Tent
  • Field Day
  • Clubhouse Band
  • Cedar Tree
  • Bass Assembly
  • Patio Party
  • Sunny Spinner
  • Spring Grounds
  • Fruit Tree
  • Beverage Man
  • Old Boards
  • New Boards
  • Quad Pans
  • Quad Player
  • Pre-Show
  • Garden Party
  • Cool Vibes
  • Pizza Corner
  • Zoo Tent
  • Giant Decor
  • Work Zone
  • Sunny Site
  • City Tower
  • No Parking
  • Sky Scrapers
  • Loading Cone

Stay Tuned Tou The 'Cans!

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