Stiles Shelf

The University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University library achives each contain a "Stiles Shelf" collecting the written works and records of Deanship of Lindley J. Stiles. In addition to his writings on education and teaching, Dr. Stiles has written several books of poetry and two volumes of memoirs from his boyhood.

Moods and Moments
(1955) Verses for children and adults.

Ideas and Images
(1964) Dembar Press

Cowboy in the Classroom: A Trilogy of Reflections on a Teaching Career
(1979) Ranch-country roots follow the trails of teaching.

I Never Rode Alone: My Boyhood on a New Mexico Cattle Ranch
(1998) The story of a boy growing up in New Mexico cattle ranch country.

Classroom Cowboy: Out to Pasture
(1998) Retirement years addendum to Cowboy in the Classroom.

Half a Man: On a New Mexico Cattle Drive
(2000) Adventurous tale of a 12-year old who struggles to become a "real man".

Eagle Song
(2001) Caught between two worlds, a young boy must choose between the old and the new to find his own song.

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