Poems about Teaching

Probing the pagan darkness,
through jungles of twisted lore,
shaping the barren praries,
searching the shifting shore.

A hungry mind probes outward,
insatiably seeking to see
the guidelines of truth and wisdom,
for all who dare to be free.

It is the trail of a master
who races ahead of his clan;
teaching the mission of knowing
finding a pathway for man.

(Dedicated to Dr. Harl Roy Douglas)


School bells are calling
To those who will hear,
A message of faith,
That all must hold dear.

They peal to the soul
To help penetrate
Folly and ignorance,
Before it's too late.

They call to the hearts
Of men who belong
To liberty's legions,
To make our schools strong.

School bells are ringing
A challenge to all -
Freedom stands waiting
Our heed to their calI.


Some help to make our country's laws
To build a better state;
Some use words or painted scene,
Its greatness to relate.

One would write the nation's songs
To stir the hearts of men;
Some tend stock, till the soil,
And help new life begin.

Some construct with tutored skill
Our roads, great buildings tall,
Weapons new, swift-flying planes,
Or a man-made waterfall.

Some are called to fight our wars,
And die that we may live;
Of all who strive for liberty,
The greatest gift they give.

Those who live to heal the sick,
And those who cleanse our souls,
Those who serve to keep the peace -
All help achieve our goals.

Wives and mothers keep the homes,
Their task, we t 1l all agree
Is paramount to all we do
To keep our people free.

Banker, barber, businessman -
All fit into the scheme;
Each plays his own particular role
To help us stand supreme.

List all who keep our nation strong,
This conclusion you will reach;
The ones who stand up near the top
Are those who choose to teach.


One stands taller in strength and dedication,
With vision clear, he moves a pace ahead;
A pioneer, with power and deep convictions,
He clears a path upward for all to tread.

His commitment, always, is to the teacher,
To scholarship by which the way is known;
The tested seeds of excellence in learning
With careful choice and nurture he has sown.

Make known his cause to all who cherish virtue,
Enlist their help, to learn how all may know;
Let scholars teach the way of truth and wisdom,
In partnerships with youth that all may grow.

(Inspired by and dedicated to Dr. Arthur H. Larsen)


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© 2001 Lindley J. Stiles