Lindley Stiles on Teaching
  • Teachers touch more lives than all others.

  • Teachers carry civilization in the palms of their uplifted hands, and humanity in their hearts

  • Seek the source of greatness and you will learn: "There was a teacher".

  • The world seldom notices who teachers are: but civilization depends on what they do.Knowledge and wisdom sleep until awakened by a teacher.

  • Without teachers, there would be no civilization.

  • Enlightenment is the fuel which advances civilization: Teachers provide the spark which ignites the process.

  • The intellectual touch of the .BEST TEACHER is felt forever.

  • Books and technology can transmit facts and fomulas, but values and meaning are taught by teachers.

  • Enthusiasm marks the teacher.

  • The unexamined pedagogy is not worth the doing.

  • Though paid to be teachers, professors who hold the study of teaching in disdain, foul their own professional nests.

  • To search for and to teach truth is the work of the teacher.

  • The Information Highway follows a trail made by teachers.

  • The true scholar and the teacher are one.

  • To teach as taught marks the untrained.

  • The very best teachers should teach the very young.

  • THE BEST SHOULD TEACH: four little words, so simple any child can understand; yet so profound in social wisdom they can make a better world.

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