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You've heard us talk about the


But what is it?

The British word "snog" means to kiss or make out, but the
American word, as coined by band wordsmith
Toucan Steve means something much more interesting:

A free meal provided as a perk of the gig!

Band gourmand Toucan Dave plays in a number of working bands, and decided to see just how many snogs were in the working musician's year.

After carefully debating the finer points of what makes a Snog a Snog (see below), the intrepid gastronome began tracking the snogs, and is closing in on ONE HUNDRED OFFICIAL SNOGS by the end of the year.
Snog & Non-Snog Examples
A hotel breakfast that comes with the free rooms provided by a client? - YES!
An ice cream sundae with gummi bears, cherries and whipped cream? -
A meal acquired later with a coupon provided by the client? -
A Corn Dog Casserole served at the band picnic? -
If you would like to help Toucan Dave reach his goal of 100 Snogs, please consider hiring the TOUCANS STEEL DRUM BAND for a fun-filled event!
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