Stranger Previews of the Saint Bushmill’s Choir

Friday, September 8, 2000
The Wiretaps and North American Bison

(Breakroom) This is Irish music made for and played by the horseshoe-throwing, pickup-driving, hard-drinking segment of our proletariat. It’s a larger and more talented population group than you might think: St. Bushmill’s Choir’s punk-laced Irish standards have garnered a large following of people who are experts at tying one on. So go cheer the band as they rescue Irishness from high-culture wannabes like those femme Riverdancers, and return it to the average American worker, who may or may not be Irish, but sure drinks like it.

Get Into Trouble Free

The advance flyer for our 5th
Annual St. Patrick's Day Show.
Most people actually had to pay
to get into trouble.


Friday, February 11th 2000
St. Bushmills Choir, The Briefs, Used Cars

(Breakroom) The Irish, potato-heads that they are, think they can drink anybody under the table, but the scalding hot truth of the matter is that only one nation would win the Olympic Drinking Medal every four years if there were such a thing, and that nation is SCOTLAND. The Irish can take their spirits better than the bastard English and the useless Welsh, let's give 'em that, but no Irishman will ever take a true Scot. (Unless he's from Edinburgh.) St. Bushmill's Choir aren't even Irish, mind, they just play it that way in their bad Shamrockian rip-off of Bastard McGowan and his Ugly Pogues. If you're a foolish man, you will enjoy this show. Anyway, I fucking hate the fucking Breakroom and all the bigmouth yapping fishwives getting tipsy in the bar and falling on their fat arses.



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